Today, version 0.2.1 of revtools was accepted by CRAN, meaning you can download it directly from R with the following code: install.packages("revtools")

This is quite an exciting day for me, as it’s taken 21 months of work to get to this point. To be specific, I put the first 1090 lines of revtools code (then called ‘bibviewr’) on GitHub on 12th May 2016. Admittedly, I haven’t been working on it full-time, but it feels like an achievement just the same.

Of course, just because revtools is on CRAN doesn’t mean that it’s finished. I’ve got a bunch of ideas about what features to add next, which I’ll be adding to the ‘issues’ section of the GitHub page in the next couple of weeks. You can do the same by following this link, or by dropping me an email about features you’d like added. I can’t make any guarantees that I’ll be able to implement them all, but I’ll do my best!

You can visit the CRAN homepage for revtools here. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way.