The new version of revtools is up on CRAN and GitHub now. Updates in this version are as follows:

  • revtools now uses modals to show when new topic models are being calculated, or when results are saved. This is a marked improvement that lets the user know when the GUI is temporarily inoperative.
  • Cleaner import of .ris files.
  • New argument remove_words allows the user to exclude specific words from the topic model when calling start_review_window. The default is to use tm::stopwords (this was true in v. 0.2.1 as well), so there is no need to add basic stop words each time.
  • Bug fix: Interactively excluding words in start_review_window then running a topic model used to cause mismatches between hover and selected text - this has been fixed.

One issue with v0.2.2 is that revtools no longer installs the SnowballC package by default, so if you don’t have it installed already, you’ll now be prompted to install it whenever you run either of the functions make_DTM or start_review_window.